when  are   we  the  BLACKS going  to  learn  that  crime  does  not  pay?

we  cant  walk  in  to  a  anyone’s   territory,  grab with  by the  neck,  rob  them  and  not  expect to  be  hurt……

i  have  come  to  believe that  …  Religion simply  means,  a  mans  idea first..  then  a  group  of  people  and  sometimes  the  whole  community  that  have  chosen to  mostly  worship,  understand  and  interpret  god  the  same…..

whats  your  definition?

no tittle

boom boom boom paw…….


The Travel + Leisure just ‘proclaimed’ the Mombo Camp & Little Mombo Camp in the Okavango Delta of Botswana as the best hotel complex in the world!

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“Most countries are born out of shared ideals, and common identity. Nigeria was simply created to fulfill a business requirement.”- Anon

It is well over 50 years since the Englishman came to colonise us. Free from the chains of colonialism. A country striving towards being one of the important, most civilized nations in the world. Nigeria, a country with the happiest people, spread well across every part of the world. An active country, respected despite the dark sides of which no nation can be exempted of. I remember when I was much younger, between nursery and primary school, my mates and I were made to recite this poem:

Nigeria is my country

A place of joy

Where mummy was born

Where daddy was born

No matter what happens

Nigeria remains my county.

As a young adult now I see the sense in these words. What is wrong?

When the…

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ran in to this today and i must say nice photography … beautiful…and ……

i really didn’t want to comment and take away from your art,.. but….

anyway…….. first of all there is nothing like  an ” African culture,” never have been… could Africa have been a country then may be that alone would qualify us to ” African culture” …. but Africa is one of the biggest continents with extremely very dynamic ,different multi_ cultural practices per every country, interpreted by districts , tribe ,totem and defined differently per every house hold or clan basing on their own understanding.as taught by those that came before them, religious influence or what ever they find fit.

given this i find it impossible to blanket something this broad and putting it under one umbrella….. i happen to be from Southern Africa, Botswana and from a village called  Serowe in the central district, and i can tell you this… i have no idea about the practices and cultures of the next district from us, and not only this. we do  not  speak the same languages and culturally we dress ,even eat different………also  it  is very  common to be  from  the  same  district and  still  have  different  dialogues ..

more puzzlingly we look ,are built and behave very very differently…and in  some cases  with some bad blood   ( superiority issues , land issue  and ..other  waste  of  time  politics.)….,and this have influenced what and how we culture ,worship and practice… how then can we have the ” African culture” if the people of Africa themselves are so different?

i laugh.. , i read a blog here and the obviously not traveled writer was talking about the African soap, African cloths, African food ,African women and African children… rubbish …….. there is no such…. the thing is ,if one is to talk about Africa, be specific on which country and tribe you addressing and avoid generalizing a whole Continent consisted of 54 countries.( i am not sure ,check online)

then you talk about the African child and the spirits… . sounds more like a horror  plus zombie movie to me,….  but  having  said  this i can not  speak  for the rest of the Continent , above all i have no idea where you got your  information from ……but where i come from we look and raise our children as the rest of the world, may be different principles per house but totally nothing to culture shock…


“The transition from childhood to adulthood holds special significance in most African nations and the process involves teaching the individual about life, social norms and taboos and a focus on life’s mission and purpose. A person may naturally get older, but has to work and accomplish in order to become an elder and a role model for others to follow. This very important differentiation motivates all individuals to perform in order to achieve that status. …..

AGAIN so is the rest of the world right? we all want to work hard, have purpose and role model to those to come after us . i wouldn’t put this as culture but rather a simply need of personal growth and self-realization.

long time ago in my own culture and other parts of the country , there was a practice where young men and women went through some transformation explained as initiation ….. Bogwera and Bojale “was notoriously known more for its circumcision believes ” and in today’s time.. it is irrelevant to speak of it as the arrival of the missionaries and western cultures have labelled it mutilation.( i don’t see it as mutilation , not that i will practice it, but who has a right to tell a man what to believe in let alone how to live his life in his own soil? )

to be honest with you..in this point in time it is very difficult to come up with a clear definition of culture , people have migrated, people are educated , some have borrowed and adapted to self suiting practices both locally and internationally. ……..most young people in Africa today in big cities and towns are no different from the youth here in America or every where in the world…they are more in to fashion, music , internet ,sex and ..blah blah… and could care less about some village  status or how they are understood…..

then you talk about death and spirits in Africa…..umhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , i got lost here… , anyhow s .. from what i understand from books, the common religious practice in Africa is Christianity as expressed in its different branches, e.g, Roman Catholics , Anglicans and Methodists … Of course some people like every where in the world believe in ancestors or some superstitious believes.., i am one of them, i believe dead people are  mediums  between us here  and where ever god is….. i  also believe we  will see our  loved( dead)  ones again in heaven ,    more of a romantic idea than anything ….but  totally  not an African thing…

i hope you understand my perspective and i respect yours .. however Africa is the most misunderstood  setting ever and if we proud Africans don’t  say anything and correct where we find fit , then ahhhhhhhhhh…….

feel free to correct me

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African culture is the behavior exhibited by the people of the African Continent. Africa is considered the crucible of civilizations, one from where the first human form was wrought. This is one contribution of Africa to which we all owe our ancestral heritage and one that shall remain unparalleled. African cultures believe that the child comes from the spirit world with an important task to accomplish and with an important message for humanity. It is in this positive and nourishing environment that child development occurs.

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True !!


It is always a pain to listen to the hogwash that the uninformed international media has to offer about my continent. Neatly dressed and well fed bureau chiefs and correspondents, blabbing their shamelessly stereotypical opinions concerning issues they only have half a clue about, describing ways of living that they can only imagine in their wildest dreams. I mean, what really is the purpose of standing in front of a camera with a tailor made Gucci shirt, and finely flowing hair, while the background is strewn with half dressed, malnourished and unkempt citizens?

The greatest insult however, rests not in how they dress, or their fancy equipment, but in the filth that is spewed out of their mouths and the reports that they compile on a regular basis to maintain their stations viewership and listenership. Their egotistic assertions that this is a people not capable of fending for itself, that…

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